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About Oncloud Solution

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We have worked harmoniously with leading Cloud Platforms & Service providers over the world for almost 10 years. During which time thousands of Businesses have been adapted to the digital transformation successfully. With that in mind, we believe that Oncloud can help you and your businesses acquiring a better way of operation.

Our commitment

The beginning of our Story

At Oncloud we accompany you from the planning stage to the actual implementation. We are here to recommend, design the architecture with you, build the optimal solution and lower costs. We'll do everything to leverage the power of the cloud to maximize your benefits at all stages.

We begin by studying your business, learning what you do and what you really need, so we can plan the optimal solution just for you. Hybrid cloud, public or private, single or multiple - all options are on the table when the focus is accelerating business processes. Our cloud architects have tons of experience with what works and what doesn't, and are always searching for new technologies to keep your business up to date with the latest features.

Our professionals in Cloud Computing

When you need to reach the clouds, only the best will do. In the field of cloud solutions and cloud architecture, we have extensive specialized knowledge and the ability to look broadly at many technologies and choose the most appropriate solution. Working with you hand in hand, we put together an end-to-end system that suits your needs while being flexible for future scalability.

Why Oncloud?

As a highly professional one-stop-shop company, we make sure that your business is always up and you can access your content anytime, anywhere and on any type of device. We're constantly on the lookout to monitor your consumption and optimize your cloud usage. This means you gain more agility and a clearer picture for what lays ahead.

Happy Stories

“When we form a partnership, there are two things that are most important to us: we must be able to rely on the technical skillset and business acumen of our partner, as well as their integrity trust. We are confident we found this in our relationship with Oncloud Solution in Vietnam…”

Amber Hitchens

In the past, our call centers have required fundamental reconfiguration ASAP. The Airnet call center team has consistently responded with day-of, or next day solutions that have enabled us to do business faster and smoother than ever before.

Richard Hope

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